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The goal of this website is to help solidify your understanding of the ten domains of knowledge required to be an effective CISSP.

This website is not designed to help you ace the CISSP exam - passing the exam without understanding the fundamentals would be a disservice to you, the community and everyone else who relies on a CISSP for their daily protection and guidance.


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Test taking strategies

The CISSP exam is not like most certification exams meaning memorization is not going to help as much as it might elsewhere. The ISC2 manual describes it as a cognitive exam and that's very true: you will need to apply your CISSP knowledge, not just regurgitate facts. Yes, there are some straight definition questions but by and large, you need to understand the material in order to correctly choose the right answers.
Here are a few observations and suggestions from folks who have successfully passed (on the first try, mind you):


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