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Unlike standard biometrics or behavioral biometrics, cognitive biometrics focus on


how a person answers a CAPTCHA (text pattern recognition, math problem, etc.)

a person's physical characteristics (iris, thumbprint, etc.)

what a person knows, remembers or perceives (image recollection, memorable events and details, etc.)

the way a person uses a computer or performs an act (keyboard typing, voice recognition, etc.)

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Which of the rules may be applied to a domain using an AD Group Policy:


Minimum password length

Passwords must not be written down

Password history

Passwords cannot be shared between users of a single system

Passwords may not use certain common phrases or words

Passwords must be unique across multiple accounts

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Besides credentials, what might be required to log into a computer system?


access rights

authorized account


token keys

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To accept or reject a wireless device during a RADIUS authentication, the AP must create a data packet containing verification information called the ________.


verification request

access request

authentication request

accounting request