Memorize - Electrical Anomalies

There are certain electrical anomalies that are associated with specific electrical events. As a CISSP, you will need to know the names and anomalies associated with them. Any one of these may be crippling to attached computer systems.

Anomaly Event
Complete loss of power Blackout
Brief/Moementary Loss of Power Fault
Prolonged/Extended drop in voltage Brownout
Brief drop in voltage Sag
Initial power rush
(i.e., after an outage)
Momentary rush of power Spike
Prolonged/Extended rush of power Surge

Helpful mnemonics (for the Anomaly list):

  • Big Fat Bears Sleep in Snoring Slumber
  • Before Face Book Some Introverts Stayed Silent
  • Blue Falcons Bring Simply Incredible Soaring Sights
  • Best Friends Believe Silence Is Simply Silly