Memorize - OSI Model

The OSI model is the foundation for interoperability amongst network devices across the world. This standard protocol model is an essential knowledge base for you in your role as a CISSP.

Layer Name
7 Application
6 Presentation
5 Session
4 Transport
3 Network
2 Data Link
1 Physical

Helpful mnemonics (for the OSI from top to bottom or 7 to 1):

  • All People Seem To Need Data Processing
  • All People Should Try New Dairy Products
  • All People Studying This Need Drastic Psychotherapy
  • As Pauly Shore Tweeted, "Nice Dress, Pops!"

Helpful mnemonics (for the OSI from the bottom up or 1 through 7):

  • Pete doesn't need to sell pickles anymore
  • Please Do Not Take Sales People's Advice
  • Please Do Not Touch Slimy Purple Algae
  • Programmers Do Not Throw Stale Pizza Away